1. Pre-trip Inspection - All drivers are required to conduct a pre-trip plus a post trip inspection of their bus daily. This information is submitted to our maintenance manager who prioritizes the necessary repairs for the fleet.

2. Fueling & Cleaning - Both fueling and cleaning are completed daily. Pinnacle Transportation has a specialized staff to clean the fleet's vehicles.

3. Road Call Procedures - The maintenance facility is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. In addition, if needed Pinnacle Transportation will have back-up facilities that we will be able to use. Pinnacle Transportation deploys a towing service if needed.

4. Warranty - Warranty parts and service are monitored through our subcontractor.  For all of our bus repair completed under warranty,  Pinnacle Transportation  will use a certified dealer for all components needed.

5. Accident Repair - Minor repairs will be serviced by Pinnacle Transportation. All other repairs are outsourced.

6. Track Repairs - Having a maintenance tracking system gives us the ability to maintain historical data on all repairs that have been performed. This data provides us the ability to analyze the fleet's bus components and helps us to extend shuttle life.