• CDL Class A or B with P (Passenger) endorsement
  • 1 year driving experience
  • No more than 2 violations in 3 years on MVR
  • Ability to pass DOT Physical, Drug Screening, & Background Check.

Quality control is extremely important in providing first class service. Pinnacle Transportation ensures the highest level of service is being provided to our customers and clients.

These Include:

A) Daily Pre-Trip Checklist — To manage the shuttle program effectively it is necessary to inspect & service the buses regularly. This checklist is completed by the shuttle driver each morning before the shuttle starts. We have this done not only for safety reasons but also to control the preventive maintenance of the vehicles.

B) Reporting — It is important to keep detailed reporting on ridership numbers and time logs. We will summarize quarterly reports to property management on this information.

C) Comment Cards — We encourage feedback at Pinnacle Transportation. As such, we will place comment cards on the shuttle bus which have prepaid postage and are addressed to our corporate office to prevent any employee screening. This will allow us to gauge the level of service while giving our customers an opportunity to provide positive feedback.

D) Mystery Rider Program — An individual chosen by Pinnacle Transportation poses as a patron and rates the service he or she received from the shuttle driver. Positive feedback will result in a favorable review and immediate reward (gift card, movie tickets, etc.). Negative feedback results in constructive criticism and will target points for driver improvement.

Although these special programs are important, Pinnacle Transportation understands that management presence is the best way to ensure quality service working with the staff, & modeling the desired service behaviors. Additionally, constant communication with Management is a key ingredient in monitoring our performance.


Proper passenger transportation is a matter of ongoing responsibility. It is of utmost importance that all employees associated with passenger transportation adhere to the following guidelines designed to maximize the safety of passengers.

  • Protect the passengers and the vehicle.
  • Park the bus on a safe paved location.
  • Radio the Manager or office with the following information:
    • Protect the passengers and the vehicle.
    • Park the bus on a safe paved location.
    • Radio the Manager or office with the following information:

The bus driver is to set reflectors.

The Manager/Dispatcher will make sure the bus is replaced with another bus to complete the route with minimum delay. The Manager will communicate the expected wait time for the replacement bus to the property/community manager. This information will be communicated to the passenger as well.

If a substitute bus is required, we follow these procedures:

  • If the bus is at the first or last stop without passengers, the driver of the disabled bus will immediately call or radio dispatch to report a breakdown and have another bus dispatched to the site.
  • If the bus is on route the driver will safely pull off the road. Once the vehicle is in park, the driver will call or radio the manager to report a breakdown and give the manager his/her location.
  • The substitute bus should stop as close as possible & be in line behind the disabled bus.
  • Both drivers will activate the red loading lights prior to transferring passengers from one bus to the other.
  • The driver of the substitute bus should open the passenger loading door, get out of the bus and stand to the right of the passenger door of the relief bus.
  • The driver of the disabled bus will instruct the passengers to change buses in an orderly manner.
  • Once all passengers have been transferred and the driver of the disabled vehicle has performed his/her inspection of the bus to ensure it is empty, both drivers will deactivate the red loading lights.
  • The driver of the disabled bus will then continue his/her route in the substitute bus.
  • The driver of the relief bus will stay with the disabled vehicle until it is either transported or towed.
  • If a vehicle breaks down Pinnacle Transportation is prepared to provide a replacement vehicle in less than 60 minutes.