Equipment Options:

In order to improve our client's bottom line and customer satisfaction, Pinnacle Transportation recognizes the importance of implementing advancements in technology.

Pinnacle Transportation has the proven ability to plan and manage the best transportation equipment and systems available by attending local, regional, and national conferences to stay current regarding the latest in technology.

Our experience gives us the ability to recommend and operate multiple transportation systems which best benefit our client’s needs. This allows us as well to make future recommendation and thus enhance the efficiency in which a shuttle program is being operated. Our clients benefit as a result of our efforts to put in place the most applicable technology solutions for their customers.

Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking System

TransLoc | Real Time:

Pinnacle Transportation works with TransLoc to provide real time travel information to passengers, management, and out clients. TransLoc is a next generation passenger information system. It offers riders a safe, comfortable, convenient service and gives the transit operator a more efficient, and more customer friendly transit system.

TransLoc is accessible through a smartphone or web application. It is often the case that exact schedules don’t exist and if they do, traffic and other factors can affect the schedule, frustrating riders as they wait for the next bus. However, with TransLoc the rider can go online and find out exactly where the bus is on the route during regular operating hours.

TransLoc benefits include:

  • Efficient Commutes – The user of the system will know when the shuttle is about to arrive and can plan accordingly.
  • Increased Safety – Studies have shown that reducing wait times at shuttle stops increases safety.
  • Economic Benefits – By providing real-time travel information people can decide if they have time available to frequent surrounding shops or cafés on the premises.
  • User Friendly – Can be easily navigated through the web site with easy to recognize icons. The interface has been created with the user in mind and revised after user-testing to fully meet their needs.
  • TransLoc offers one of the most technologically advanced real-time maps and arrival predictions available on a variety of platforms. The smartphone app puts all of the information in the palm of the rider’s hands. Riders are able to see the shuttle buses moving in real-time online. Routes, schedules, arrivals and shuttles can be viewed in a convenient, unified, and easy to use interface.

Pinnacle Transportation believes that it would be a successful addition to your shuttle operation.

TransLoc | Traveler:

TransLoc Traveler charts a rider’s paths to, through and from your transit system in a visual, profoundly usable format, with reliable data at one’s fingertips that allows planning to be more efficient. Seeing increasing numbers of riders move through a system, not just year over year but morning/evenings versus different days of the week, gives a more complete and timely understanding of how to better align service with demand.

Go above and beyond origin-destination - True origin-destination data that tells you where people are before the stop and where they go after they disembark means you can now see the whole picture.

Effortlessly measure the effectiveness of your changes - TransLoc Traveler lets you immediately determine the impact your operational changes are having, whether a planned overhaul or just a construction detour.

Maximize improvements to rider experience - Route changes are complicated and expensive, and aren’t always an option for addressing rider needs. Knowing where passenger wait times and transfer connections are an issue & allows you to prioritize other amenities like bus shelters and display boards.

Tracking Ridership
Passio IncroMAXX Transit

Pass IncroMAXX Transit is a passenger counting system that uses an exclusive Driver Managed One Touch Counting System.

Pass provides immediate passenger count information that is gathered safely, efficiently, and accurately. The system gives the shuttle drivers freedom and ease from having to manually input multiple sheets of passenger counts. Automating the passenger count system provides the shuttle program detailed reports that show where people are getting on (and off) the vehicles, what time it’s happening, and where the greatest and lowest concentration of riders are.

The information will be customized for your specific operation and can be customized for customer specific tracking. Examples include counting passengers from a different department or institution, or tracking the number of passengers who were left at a stop due to overcrowding.

The IncroMAXX Transit™ solution includes an input device on each vehicle that you want to report on and is securely mounted on the vehicles and hard wired to the battery. Drivers use the friendly one-touch operation and the data is automatically collected and uploaded to your account.

Each vehicle is equipped with a mobile input device, external GPS receiver, power cradle and cord, and mounting bracket. The configuration is downloaded to each device, & a username and password, provided by Passio Technologies, is entered, and the configuration file automatically downloads to provide customized information for your transit system.